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Lapel pins are tiny metal pins which can be personalized with any design, including quirky artwork, corporate logos, and whatever else you might think of. Enamel pins allow people to personalise and adorn suits, jean jackets, backpacks, hats, and other items while also serving as an extension of their personalities.


An enamel pin is called the lapel pin, attached to a lapel to show the wearer's affiliation with a cause or an organization. Lapel pins/ Enamel pins are used by corporates, businesses and various organizations.

We manufacture lapel pins using the following techniques:

  • Soft Enamel

  • Etching/Etched

  • Photo dome/ Digital Print

  • Cloisonne


Our customers mostly get us to manufacture the following types of pins:

  • Animal Lapel Pin

  • Company's Logo Lapel Pin

  • Flag Lapel Pin

  • Member Lapel Pin

  • Rotary Club Enamel Pin

  • Wedding Lapel Pins

Gift It Right offers you customized lapel pins which can be worn by your business employees, members and clients. Custom lapel pins are ideal for your business event or business gathering. Enamel pins are a great promotional tool for your business.


We also deal in other promotional metal products such as name plates, name badges and tie pins.

With nearly anything, enamel pins look great. Traditionally, it is paired with blazers, suit jackets, coats, tuxedos, or just sweater or shirt. A lapel pin is a decorative item that is pinned to clothing to give it a polished appearance and a designer touch. Give your outfits a little more depth, pair your lapel pin with additional accessories like pocket squares or tie clips. When your dress speaks for itself, sometimes simple accessories are all you need.



We manufacture lapel pins in all shapes and sizes. Many organizations approach us to get their custom lapel pins. Our order processing times are 7-10 business days. Please note that the minimum order quantity is 10 pieces per design.


Contact us today to get your lapel pins custom designed for your organization!

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